Android Issues 

Android does work but it creates objects to big.
this image shows an error - the creation interface which is way too big 

It works solid on the iPhone but there are scaling issues with the android. 
It works fine but androids make everything too big- it does work-
you just need to back up a little bit and you will see it-
I am adding this info  to the project site on the FQA-


more info below

Sadly - yes- it works best on an iPhone-
But it does work on android- the scale is off though
it should be much bigger on the android- so big you might not see it-
to test - walk a 1/2 block from where you made it and look again- you should see it-

the solution--
to see things where you are 
move it away from you-
with edit-

After you hit create [if u can't find it] - go to the list button
menu [bottom right] / list  middle/ 
it shows everything around you in a list- find what you made in the list- 

move it away from you with edit - south- south- south- south you will see it move] it can take bunch of moves if it is huge 10 +

look around u in 360 slowly-
Use the radar in the top right to find what you made- move slowly as you look

note - you can't make it smaller than its original state-

"Are there a list of predefined objects that I can use without uploading my own images?"

You can create anything by definition since we are using google search
it pull content from the net-

On the create page- In the top text field on the create page [which is so big...] type what u want-
try "pink elephant"
It can be anything- we have a database but- hit create

It could also be that she can't create a first object. but my bet is that she clicks on create and then she cant find the elephant so she thinks that elephant is not created at all.


If that does not work try making it bigger-

if you don't see anything in the camera view-
make it bigger- from list-
u might have to make it bigger 4 to 5 times because of the scaling issue w android-

Use the radar in the top right to find what you made- move slowly as you look
try to make 3 or 4 things make them bigger first- move them with edit - north south east west-

I am very sorry about this-!


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